[REQ] Mushroomhead – Discography [1995 - 2012]

Year Of Release: 1995-2012
Genre: Nu-Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: VBR-320kbps
Total Size: 970MB

Mushroomhead (1995)320 kbps
SuperBuick (1996)320 kbps
M3 (1999)320 kbps
Remix 2000 (2000)192 kbps
XX (2001)320 kbps
XIII(Limited Edition)(2003)320 kbps
Savior Sorrow (2006)320 kbps

Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (2010) 320kbps

Tenafly Viper (Mushroomhead) – The Queen, The Night And The Liars ( 2012) 320kbps


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3 thoughts on “[REQ] Mushroomhead – Discography [1995 - 2012]

  1. Thank you for fulfilm my wish!

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  2. italo acosta says:

    how cai i download this? i press download but it send me to: http://linkcrypt.ws/dir/r586aa20024b2d1 and anywhere there i can see the words download the file :( waiting 4 your answer

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    • Anonymous says:

      on that page you need to solve the captcha and then you will be able to go to the download links . If you cant see them try a different browser

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